Bed connected to Manson murders sells for $14K at Georgia auction

Someone bid $14,000 for a Victorian bed frame in a Covington auction because it once belonged to a Manson family murder victim, an auctioneer said.

Auctioneer Kris Clark told Channel 2 Action News he worried about possible bidders for an item connected to the Charles Manson family murders in Sharon Tate’s Los Angeles mansion in August 1969.

“My first thought was — I was worried about drawing the wrong attention,” Clark told Channel 2. “Possibly having a group of undesirables who are huge fans of Charles Manson.”

The cult leader’s followers murdered nine people in Tate’s home, including Tate and her unborn baby.

Abigail Folger, heiress to the Folger coffee fortune, was staying in that bedroom the night she was murdered, Clark told Channel 2.

“She was sitting on the bed when Susan Atkins walked by,” Clark told Channel 2. “They smiled at one another. She thought Atkins was a friend of Sharon Tate’s not realizing she was part of the Manson family.”

The auctioneer said he has paperwork to prove the authenticity of the bed frame.

A fan of Tate’s bought the bed frame from the original owner in the 1990s and a current fan bought it at the auction.