Avondale Estates selects members for green space, education committees

Avondale Estates named the members of its new green space and education committees during commission meeting Oct. 26. The two committees were created in August, with the 10 members chosen by the city’s commission from among 16 applicants.

The green space committee includes Steve Sanchez, Brad Jones, Jennifer Pindyck, David Sacks and Dee Miriam. The education committee’s comprised of Mark Joyner, Fred Marshall, Susan Belmonte, Carol McCullough and Pam Ryan.

Mayor Jonathan Elmore hopes the education collective will establish stronger relationships with county school administrators and representatives while, among other things, the green space committee will identify an area of at least two acres as a future town square. The latter mostly originates from a paucity of green space included in early plans of Euramex Management’s planned development of the old Fenner-Dunlop site.

Both committees will start work immediately.