Average Fulton ACT score up a bit despite many schools doing worse

The Fulton County School District students on average did slightly better on the ACT this year compared to last year.

The composite score — an average of the English, mathematics, reading and science tests — ranges from 1 to 36. Fulton's average composite this year was 23.9, a bit higher than 23.7 in 2018, according to stats released Wednesday by the school system.

The statewide average stayed at 21.4. The national number is 20.7, down a tenth of a point.

The average Fulton score increased despite almost half of the high schools posted a lower composite score compared to last year.

Eight schools had lower average composite scores compared to last year. Seven schools did better, including Chattahoochee High’s fifth straight year with an increase. Westlake High stayed the same, with a score of 18.9.

The highest average composite was Northview High School with 27.6 and the lowest was Hapeville Charter Career Academy with 16.2.

In all, 3,621 Fulton students took the exam this year. That amounts to a participation rate of 51.4%, which is down from 54.4% in 2018.

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Provided by the district, here are the scores for 17 of Fulton's 19 high schools (results were not reported if less than 10 students took the exam):

Alpharetta High School, 324 students took the exam, for an average composite score of 25.8 (down from 26 last year)

• Banneker High School, 98 students, 16.3 (down from 16.4 last year)

• Cambridge High School, 348 students, 25.2 (down from 25.9 last year)

• Centennial High School, 210 students, 24.1 (up from 23.3 last year)

• Chattahoochee High School, 319 students, 26.9 (up from 26.5 last year)

• Creekside High School, 102 students, 16.9 (up from 16.8 last year)

• Hapeville Charter Career Academy, 62 students, 16.2 (down from 16.7 last year)

• Independence High School, 10 students, 17.4 (down from 18.3 last year)

• Johns Creek High School, 399 students, 26.3 (down from 26.7 last year)

• Langston Hughes High School, 103 students, 17.1 (down from 17.2 last year)

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• McClarin High School, four students took the exam

• Milton High School, 372 students, 25.9 (up from 25.7 last year)

• North Springs High School, 188 students, 21.6 (down from 21.7 last year)

• Northview High School, 298 students, 27.6 (up from 27.2 last year)

• Riverwood International Charter School, 178 students, 24.2 (up from 23.3 last year)

• Roswell High School, 258 students, 25.4 (up from 25.2 last year)

• Skyview High School, no data available

• Tri-Cities High School, 125 students, 16.8 (down from 17.2 last year)

• Westlake High School, 222 students, 18.9 (same from last year, with 10 fewer students taking the exam)

Click here for a more detailed breakdown by the district.

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