Atlanta Subway passes health re-inspection after closing for cleaning

UPDATE: Subway passed a re-inspection Monday with a 96/A. The sole violation was a failure to provide a certified food protection manager certificate. However, proof that the general manager is enrolled for a Serv Safe course on Thursday was emailed to an inspector on Sunday, the report said.

ORIGINAL STORY (published Aug. 18): A Midtown Subway failed a recent health inspection, Fulton County records show.

The Subway at 85 5th St., near Georgia Tech, scored a 64/U following the Thursday evaluation. Scores below 70 are considered failing.

According to the report, a hand sink was blocked by a large trash can. The owner “does not know where to place trash can in order for it not to be in the way” because the kitchen is too small, an inspector noted.

Officials also reported observing an employee’s failure to “wash hands before donning a new pair of gloves” and to “wear hair restraint while preparing food.”

All observations and suggestions from the Department of Health are being “immediately resolved,” according to Tim Plews, director of development for Subway Development of Atlanta.

“Subway is committed to the highest standards of food safety, and we take it very seriously,” Plews said in an email Friday. “We conduct our own regular site evaluations, in addition to state health inspections, to ensure that our high cleanliness standards are met.”

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The location closed Friday for a “deep cleaning and sanitizing by a professional cleaning service, and retraining of the staff members was conducted,” Plews said. The Subway was open again on Saturday.

Follow-up inspections are generally completed within 10 days of the original evaluation.


85 5th St.

Atlanta, GA 30308

Score: 64

Read the full report here.