Atlanta men among America’s most handsome in new ranking

Handsomeness may be subjective, but according to one ranking, Atlanta men are among the most handsome in the country.

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That’s according to researchers at Grooming Lounge, the nation’s “premiere source for men’s grooming,” and a new study that examined men’s grooming habits in 25 of the nation’s biggest cities.

The company based its findings on five criteria: the amount men in each city spend on personal care services, personal care products, shaving needs and on apparel. Researchers also used data from the 2015 American Fitness Index Report to assess the fittest cities in the nation.

Though the criteria for the ranking measured men’s commitment to appearance, you could argue that the most naturally handsome men wouldn’t need to spend money on products, services or the like. 

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But based solely on the Grooming Lounge criteria, the most handsome men in the country live in Seattle, Washington.

Here’s the full ranking of where the most handsome men in America live, according to Grooming Lounge:

1. Seattle, Washington
2. San Francisco, California 
3. Washington, D.C. 
4. Boston, Massachusetts
5. Denver, Colorado
6. New York, New York 
7. Austin, Texas
8. Nashville, Tennessee 
9. Atlanta 
10. Minneapolis, Minnesota
11. San Diego, California 
12. Chicago, Illinois 
13. Boulder, Colorado
14. Portland, Oregon 
15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
16. Los Angeles, California
17. Cincinnati, Ohio 
18. Tucson, Arizona 
19. Houston, Texas 
20. Phoenix, Arizona 
21. Dallas, Texas 
22. Las Vegas, Nevada 
23. Baltimore, Maryland 
24. Cleveland, Ohio 
25. Miami, Florida

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