Alpharetta spending $250K for new hazmat truck, trailer

The Alpharetta City Council has approved the $250,000 purchase of a new hazardous materials trailer and a truck to pull it.

The city is buying s a 44-foot-long custom hazmat trailer from RPM Trailer Sales, $159,987, and a Ford F-750 truck capable of towing the trailer from Akins Ford, $79,208, according to a Department of Public Safety staff report to the council. It also expects to spend $10,803 to buy and install necessary emergency equipment, such as lights, radios, graphics and a computer stand.

The truck and trailer currently in use have exceeded their life expectancy and need significant repairs and maintenance, staff said.

“The department often must use multiple trucks/trailers to perform this function, which is inefficient, time-consuming and negatively impacts response times,” staff said. “Response times will improve with the purchase/consolidation into one truck/trailer unit.”