Y’all almost hit the Cobb covered bridge so much they got new beams

Gang, we gotta talk.

People have beaten up those beams that protect the 145-year-old covered bridge in Cobb County so bad that crews replaced them on both sides Tuesday afternoon.

These are the things that look like giant yellow staples and were  part of the $800,000 in taxpayer dollars used to revamp and repair the leaning Concord Road Covered Bridge last fall.

Since re-opening in late 2017, they've been hit nine times.

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Eight of the nine drivers have been charged $400 and $600 in damage fees to put the bar back up. But “the beams had become twisted and difficult to re-attach,” said county spokesman Ross Cavitt.

The cost of beam replacement is expected to be about $3,000. That cost is almost entirely covered by the 2,984.19 insurance payout from Sept. 4 when it was hit by a dump truck, he said.

That last close call was with a senior center van at the start of this month.

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Taxpayers have already paid for multiple motion-activated warning signs on both sides of the bridge, and the county says it’s still assessing ways to keep the thing safe.

“We continue to work with companies that provide data to GPS services to put some sort of warning on maps, but that remains a work-in-progress,” the county previously said.