All 3 alleged con men who ‘used God’s name’ to dupe victim in jail

All 3 alleged con men who ‘used God’s name’ to dupe victim in jail

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Winder Police Department
Bernard Candies (left), Sylvester Jackson and Marvin Scott
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  • All three fraud suspects are in jail after stealing $15K from a Walmart customer.
  • The first of three suspects was arrested in October.
  • Police said Monday the other two suspects are also in jail without bond.


All three men  accused of defrauding a Walmart customer in the name of charity are in jail without bond, police said Monday.

Sylvester Jackson and Marvin Scott, both 63, were arrested on charges of felony fraud, exploitation of the elderly and a probation violation, Winder police Capt. Chris Cooper said.

Bernard Candies was arrested in October, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported. 

The 61-year-old is one of two men who allegedly convinced Walter Hosch of Winder to withdraw $15,000 from an ATM on Aug. 23. A third suspect is accused of driving the getaway car, Cooper said.

Police have not said whether Jackson or Scott was the alleged getaway driver.

Hosch told police Candies and another man asked about his faith and used his Christian beliefs against him in a scam built around a children’s charity.

“They used God’s name, Jesus’ name, and tricked me,” he said.

When Hosch, Candies and another man prayed together over the money, someone switched the bank envelope with an envelope filled with newspaper, Hosch told police.

“The men convinced the victim to not open the cloth or the envelope until he got home or else the prayer would not work,” Cooper said. 

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