Actual Factual N. Fulton: What’s up at the old Harry’s Farmers Market?

Welcome to "Actual Factual," a regular column in which I, Becca Godwin, answer reader questions about goings-on in north Fulton. Here's one I did recently about what’s being built near Johns Creek City Hall. Now that you're familiar, you'll find information for submitting your own questions at the bottom of this column. 

Reader Jennifer asks: What is going on at the old Harry's location? There is no sign in front but often, late at night, there are lots of cars in the parking lot?

Great question, Jennifer.

The former Harry's Farmer Market facility is being used as a distribution warehouse facility for the Whole Foods Market South Region Office.

Located at 1180 Upper Hembree Road in Alpharetta near the Roswell border, the office's jurisdiction includes Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North and South Carolina and Tennessee.

The property also includes a Whole Kids Foundation Educational Farm.

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Whole Foods announced this week that it will shut down its three remaining regional kitchen facilities in an effort to streamline operations, which includes the kitchen at this property, along with those in Maryland and Massachusetts.

But the office and farm on Upper Hembree will remain.

As for why there are cars in the lot at night, well, that remains unclear.

When I stopped by one evening, some of the parked cars appeared to have sticker prices on them. There was also a car carrier trailer, which people seemed to be loading or unloading.

A Whole Foods spokeswoman said she didn’t know the reasons for this activity. An Alpharetta spokesman didn’t know either, but guessed that maybe a nearby car dealership worked out an agreement with Whole Foods to stage some inventory there.

So... *shrug emoji*?

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