Still hustlin’?: Rick Ross is opening a wings joint in DeKalb


Still hustlin’?: Rick Ross is opening a wings joint in DeKalb

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Rapper Rick Ross.

Years ago, in the twilight of the first decade of the 21st century, he informed the haters of his game.

It wasn’t complex. Rick Ross, the MC known for a thick shining beard as well as his affinity for tattoos and his occasional aversion to shirts, told them all what he did, all the time.

“Everyday I'm hustlin',” he said, his low voice aided by a drudging beat, his spirit made buoyant by the primal act of repetition.

“Everyday I'm hustlin'... Everyday I'm hustlin' ... Everyday I'm hustlin'.”

Every. Day.

The song spoke of illicit hustles.

These days, Ross, who lives south of Atlanta, has a different kind: franchising.

In the coming weeks, he’s opening a new restaurant outside Decatur, called Wingstop, located at 4920 Flat Shoals Parkway, Suite 102. He owns a number of other Wingstops.

The opening date isn’t yet clear. The company intends to announce it next week.

One thing is clear: when the doors swing open, Ross will be there.

That day will be, after all, a day like any other, a day like everyday.

Ross knows what he must do.

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