Actual Factual N. Fulton: Did that burger spot go belly-up already?

This article has been updated to include comment from Twisted Taco.

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Reader Jenn asks: What is happening with Tower Burger on Hwy 9? It took them years to finish building it, its only been open for a year or two, and now it's got tarps on it and a huge dumpster on the side of it. Did it go belly-up already?

Dear Jenn,

I’ll keep this brief. Depending on your philosophy of burgers vs. tacos, this news will either disappoint or excite you: Tower Burger has left the building, and Twisted Taco is moving in.

Tower Burger's website says it opened in November 2014. Its last Facebook posts are from September 2016.

When I stopped by the building at 1495 Alpharetta Highway, sure enough, the lights were off and all was quiet. But signs posted on the windows revealed that the incoming restaurant will be a Twisted Taco.

Twisted Taco is an "American Mexican cantina" chain that already has a location in Alpharetta, on Windward Parkway.

Co-owner Ray Sieradzki said the company bought Tower Burger and closed on the transaction—which also includes the building and real estate—in November 2016. The new Twisted Taco will open in spring 2017, he said.

“Currently it is under renovation,” Sieradzki said in an email. “Once completed it will be a much improved location with a rooftop that can be used year round.”

Now, the reason for the burger spot’s closure is as of yet unclear; I appear to be in a game of phone tag with the former owner. But I'll update you via this post if/when I hear something interesting.



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