3rd-place finisher endorses Roswell mayor in runoff

The third-place finisher in the Roswell mayoral election has endorsed incumbent Mayor Jere Wood over challenger David Tolleson in the Dec. 1 runoff.

Lori Henry announced her endorsement Monday night with the mayor by her side, saying Wood had agreed to many of her campaign proposals.

Wood said he would appoint Henry to work with legislators to help Roswell residents who are resisting the state government's demand that they spend about $3 million to repair the dam at Martin's Landing.  Henry will also lead a citizens committee that will recommend changes in the city Community Development Department, which  many residents consider unfriendly to business people. Wood also said he would seek a midyear budget review.

"I agree with Lori," Wood  said several times at the news conference.

"He has given me his word and I trust him," Henry said.

Wood, a three-term incumbent, got 40 percent of the general election vote. Tolleson, a former council member, took 32 percent. Henry, a current council member, got 28 percent.

In the campaign, Henry criticized Wood for supporting the idea of dipping into reserve funds to balance the city budget and for creating an anti-business atmosphere in the city community development office.