With latest purchases, Cobb brings new greenspace to 133 acres

Cobb County has acquired two more parkland parcels, bringing the total greenspace purchased since last year to 133 acres for a cost of $10.5 million.

Commissioners voted to finalize the purchase of the two adjacent plots on Anderson Road in West Cobb during their regular meeting Tuesday. The land is largely undeveloped woodland with a large pond and one house.

Previous purchases include 94 acres on Burnt Hickory Road in West Cobb and 5.6 acres on Veterans Memorial Highway in Mableton. All new parkland has been bought using money from last year's $27.4 million park bond issue.

The move was welcomed by greenspace advocates who say they county is finally following through on its obligation to voters, who approved $40 million for new parks back in 2008.

But due to tight funding, the greenspace may not be developed with amenities like ballparks and trails for many years, if ever.

That’s just fine by Lynn Walston of the Cobb Parks Coalition.

“We love passive parks,” she said, noting that untouched greenspace provides a natural habitat for wildlife, improves air quality, raises nearby property values and helps mitigate flooding.

Chairman Mike Boyce, who made parkland a central promise of his campaign, said he was “delighted at the quality of the greenspace” the county has bought.

He also expressed gratitude toward sellers willing to accept the county's offers in a hot real estate market where they could perhaps get more. The county is barred by law from offering more than appraised value for land.

Boyce said the county is working on a master plan for parks to determine when and how it will invest in its greenspace. The newly acquired land will remain untouched for the foreseeable future.

*Correction: The park bonds were issued in the amount of $27.4 million, not $24.7 million. We regret the error. 


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