Which Georgia counties voted for Donald Trump the most?

Greg Bluestein and Shannon McCaffrey contributed to this story.

Many were expecting a Trump victory in Georgia on Tuesday.

But not many were expecting record-shattering turnout and a victory across a vast array of demographics.

An interactive by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows how the Republican frontrunner won the Georgia GOP presidential primary this week.

Note: Share of the vote is scaled by The AJC as percentages of votes, not total number of votes.

At a first glace of the primary results, Trump appears to have solid support throughout Georgia. But data shows how the margins of victory can vary from county to county.

For example, in counties that made up the top 20 percent of Republican voter turnout increases, Trump took nearly 52 percent of the combined vote.
There was also generally a relationship between a county's median household income and support of Trump.

Here are the Georgia counties where  Trump won the largest share of the Republican vote

1. Atkinson County (65.9 percent)

2. Miller County (60.3 percent)

3. Baker County (60.2 percent)

4. Randolph County (58.7 percent)

5. Glascock County (58.6 percent)

Trump's Georgia win illustrates how the presidential candidate has capitalized on a shift in politics.

The billionaire won the largest share of votes in all but four Georgia counties in Tuesday's primary.

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