Voter Voices

Age: 60, 68

Presidential preference:  Both voted for Rick Santorum.

" I was not really enthusiastic about voting, but I would have rather voted than sat back and not done it. [Mitt] Romney has too many bad comments about not being concerned about poor people, and liking to fire people," said John.

"If Rick Perry had been on the ballot, I would have voted for him because he had good ideas and seemed down to earth," said Margaret.

On Sunday alcohol sales: Both voted no.

"If people can't go one day without drinking and buying beer, they are an alcoholic and they need help," Margaret said.


Michele Bartlett, Marietta (with daughter, Caroline)

Age: 47

Presidential preference: Newt Gingrich

"He was the candidate that most closely aligned to my issues and values."

On Marietta High School theater bond: Voted yes

"I am an arts major and my daughter [who will attended MHS next year] is in the arts and all schools need a place where they can participate in the arts and dance, and it would be beneficial for the students."


Melvin Hill, Marietta

Age: 46

Presidential preference: Barack Obama

"Barack Obama has dealt with the problems of the economy and other issues better than anyone else that was in that position could have done. He's had only three years to work on the issues and that is not enough time. I think he deserves and will win another term."

On Marietta High School theater bond: Voted no

"I have three children that came through here, so it's not about the students. [The school system] went over budget when they were building the school and they should have included the theater then. I don't want any more local tax money spent on this."

On Sunday alcohol sales: Voted yes

"This is a good way to generate revenue for the city without having to raise our taxes and ask us for more money, as long as the revenues are used correctly. This was a long time coming."


Peter Sahlstrom, Sandy Springs

Age: 30

Presidential preference: Mitt Romney

"I normally vote in the Democratic primary, but there weren't a lot of choices there. I decided to vote for the person I would most like to see win in the general election, if Obama doesn't win.

"I grew up in Salt Lake City, but I'm not (Mormon). I was there when (Romney) was doing the Olympic thing, and it was quite a mess, and he came in and seemed to put together a good Olympics. He seems like a reasonable guy. I don't have a whole lot of confidence in Gingrich or Santorum."


Marilyn Hendryx, Sandy Springs

Age: 82

Presidential preference: Mitt Romney

"I think he's the only one that can get rid of Obama, and I think he's got more sense than some of the others. He's very bright, and he knows what he's about. I think the only issue he has is the health thing that he did in Massachusetts, and it is different than Obama's, and I feel sorry for (Romney) because he's being pummeled about that."


David Hauser, East Cobb

Age: 68

Presidential preference: Newt Gingrich

"I think Newt has a lot of (skeletons) in his closet, but this country's becoming Marxist, if it keeps going the way it is. I think Newt's got the wherewithal to support his convictions. He's got a voice, and he makes sense."

On Sunday alcohol sales: Voted no

"I think Sunday ought to be a day where nobody needs to work. If you need it, buy it beforehand. I think it's a day to spend with your family, a day of reflection. Do something positive. Don't be saying you've got to go to the liquor store to buy your booze."


Dan Meehan,  Peachtree Corners

Age: unavailable

About Sunday alcohol sales:

This has bugged me for decades. I looked at it as an imposition of people’s religious beliefs onto me. It’s way overdue.

Presidential Preference: Newt Gingrich

He has the most well-formed specific ideas for solving the problems that we face.


Nancy Cherson, 56, Peachtree Corners

About Peachtree Corners municipal election:

We need to put the people on council that we want to lead the new city. But it’s hard to know who we were voting for. They weren’t that different.


John Fervier, 49, Peachtree Corners

Presidential Preference: Mitt Romney

It was a tough choice. It really was not the one I liked the most, but the one with the best chance of beating Obama.

About Sunday alcohol sales:

I don’t like blue laws. It’s just the principle of the thing.

About Peachtree Corners municipal election:

I already think there’s too much government, so we don’t need another layer of taxation.


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