The Vent

My father used to say “What ever happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors.” There is no such thing as a “closed door” in cyberspace.

Taking pictures in the “privacy of your own home” and then posting them to the iCloud does not guarantee a right to privacy. Hackers are very smart.

Those elected to public office feel entitled to cheat because everything they do is paid for by the taxpayers. You can bet if the money were coming out of their own pockets, they wouldn’t do it.

It is reprehensible to post stolen nude photographs on the Web. But people who keep these on their phones are simply foolish and likely to be victims of hackers.

Passing a stopped school bus: take away their license.

I know every single answer on Jeopardy. I just can’t think of them.

Every time Warren Buffet opens his mouth about taxes, his nose should grow. His corporation has owed millions in taxes for years. Why does he get a pass?

Yeah, you keep hogging that left lane because you feel you are entitled. I hope you enjoy the fat ticket you are going to get one day, either for not driving with the flow of traffic, driving slower and holding up traffic behind you in the left lane, or causing an accident because you are hogging the left lane and driving slower.

Why do we have elementary school children walk to and wait for the bus before 7 a.m., especially when it is dark in the winter?

Let me get this straight. You need to take a gun to your children’s elementary school? Is it in eastern Ukraine?

Does a one hour of time change twice a year really affect that many people? If so, we are a weak society.

Can children season their school food with black pepper? That would be better than nothing. I do that myself.

How insane is it that kids toss veggies? Because no one tells them what cancer does to you and what happens when you don’t eat the roto-rooter of cancer prevention, fruits and veggies. Did it to my son when he was little. He eats veggies and fruit every day.

So it should be OK to bring a gun to an elementary school if your child goes there but not OK if he/she doesn’t?

You do realize that if all the companies making money on American sales paid their U.S. taxes on those sales, we would nearly balance the budget by that fact alone.

Of coarse the community organizer does not know how to handle crisis throughout the world. All politics is local. Tip O’Neal, a democrat I believe.

“W” really knew how to handle crises throughout the world - NOT! Remember “Mission Accomplished?”

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