Once-per-week trash pickup in DeKalb starts July 6

DeKalb County will make the switch to one-day-per-week trash and recycling pickup during the week of July 6.

Interim DeKalb County CEO Lee May announced the timeline for the sanitation service change Thursday, an effort that's intended to prevent rate increases. Residents pay $268 per year for county garbage collection.

“Since 2006, DeKalb residents have not seen an increase in sanitation fees,” May said. “The change brings us many internal and external benefits, including cost savings to the county, neighborhoods that are cleaner and neater, and a reduction in injuries for our crews.”

The county will distribute door hangers and direct mail correspondence about the service change starting Friday.

Then residents will begin receiving green 65-gallon garbage roll carts July 6. Once-weekly pickup of garbage, recycling and yard trimmings will start on that day even for customers haven’t received their county-provided garbage containers by that time.