Medical college in Chamblee allegedly involved in bribery scheme

9:51 a.m. Monday, Oct. 30, 2017 Atlanta News

Each time a DeKalb County employee sent a student to a college for medical career training, federal prosecutors say he received a $100 bribe from the college’s president.

But which college was paying the bribes?

Emails obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution show that Malik College President Rashid Malik said he was blackmailed for the bribes. “No money, no students,” Malik wrote in an email to a DeKalb workforce manager.

Malik isn’t facing charges, but his school in Chamblee closed this summer after the former DeKalb employee who received the bribes, Roderick Wyatt, pleaded guilty.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Rashid Malik was president of Malik College in Chamblee until it closed in July 2017. Malik said he was blackmailed into paying bribes for students. Malik is pictured here in Facebook photo from his public profile.