House Democrats say tax amnesty period could raise millions

House Democrats on Monday unveiled a series of bills they plan to introduce as part of their three-pronged approach to state policy.

Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, D-Atlanta, said the caucus is focused on economic security, educational opportunity and "shared responsibility." Monday's package is the first of three to be released.

Among the bills discussed at an afternoon news conference was Rep. Keith Heard's proposal that the state offer a tax amnesty program for people who owe back taxes or unpaid taxes. Those taxpayers would pay what they owe without fear of penalty or prosecution. Georgia had a similar program in 1992, the Athens Democrat said, that raised more than $50 million. Other states in 2010 raised millions through an amnesty program.

The other bills Democrats proposed Monday would make Public Service Commission members elected from their districts rather than statewide; would create a website that the public could use to track appropriations requested by lawmakers; and would create new consumer rights for homeowners threatened with foreclosure.