Half of Cobb residents say they would pay higher taxes for transit

File Photo: Cobb County's CobbLinc bus system  (AJC)

File Photo: Cobb County's CobbLinc bus system  (AJC)

Transportation was the top concern for Cobb residents who took an Atlanta Regional Commission survey, with half saying they would be willing to pay more in taxes to fund regional transit expansion. 

Nearly fifty percent of those surveyed from Cobb said expanding transit was the best long-term solution to the metro area’s traffic problems. Twenty-nine percent said improving roads and highways was the best solution, while 11 percent said people should live closer to where they work.

One in four Cobb residents surveyed said they frequently lack the transportation they need. This was especially true across the metro area for baby boomers, seniors, those with lower education and black and Latino residents.

The survey comes amid a regional push to expand bus and train service under a new metro transit authority called the ATL.

Apart from transportation, ARC’s survey asked residents about the economy, housing, crime and quality of life. After transportation, crime was the second biggest concern across the metro area.

Other notable findings for Cobb include:

• 91 percent of Cobb residents believe they are paying more than they should for housing, but most said it was because of the great location and would prefer not to move

• 19 percent of Cobb residents wouldn’t be able to cover a $400 financial emergency

• 74 percent said they are satisfied with the arts and culture offerings in their community

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