Fulton County has a court date to defend freezing property values

Fulton County will go to court May 30 to defend county commissioners' decision to freeze 2017 residential property values at 2016 levels.

Alan C. Harvey, the DeKalb County judge who granted the county's request for a temporary collection order to allow governments to collect taxes last year after the county's tax digest was rejected, will hear the matter, filed in Fulton County Superior Court, in DeKalb County.

The hearing will pit the county against the Department of Revenue. The department told Fulton County that it could not freeze property values, and it would not accept the Fulton tax digest until the values were properly updated. The county has claimed that it had the authority to make the move.

In the meantime, legislators passed a number of bills that could help reduce property taxes beginning in 2019. Property values in 2018 are expected to be as high as the original 2017 values. No legislative fixes have yet gone into effect.