DeKalb Sheriff Jeff Mann faces removal because he ran from police

DeKalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann faces removal from office because he admitted running from a police officer before his arrest near Piedmont Park, according to investigative files released Tuesday.

The charge of public indecency for allegedly exposing himself in the park, which Mann denied, appears to be a less significant factor.

The case files from the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council provide insight into the evidence that led to the council's unanimous vote Sept. 27 to revoke Mann's certification as a law enforcement officer. The documents were released to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday in response to a request under the Georgia Open Records Act.

Mann will be forced from office if the revocation is upheld on appeal. State law requires sheriffs to be certified officers.

Mann declined to comment Tuesday, said a spokeswoman for the DeKalb Sheriff’s Office. Mann plans to appeal the council’s recommendation to revoke his certification, she said.

The documents released Tuesday include a letter from Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr to Gov. Nathan Deal outlining the case against Mann.

“The sheriff’s behavior demonstrated a lack of respect for law enforcement and for the office Sheriff Mann holds,” according to the June 8 letter, which led to a 40-day suspension of Mann. “Sheriff Mann’s flight from Officer (Sherrod) Snell in the park and in the surrounding neighborhood could have placed the lives of the pursuing officer, himself and other citizens at risk that night.”

Mann pleaded guilty to charges of obstruction and prohibited conduct July 27, and was sentenced to pay fines of $2,000 and serve 80 hours of community service.

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Attorney Noah Pines (left) and Dekalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann (right) walk into the courtroom at the Atlanta Municipal Court in Atlanta on July 27, 2017. DeKalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann pleaded guilty to charges of obstruction and prohibited conduct stemming from his arrest in Piedmont Park. (Photo by Rebecca Breyer)

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