DeKalb legislators vetting Ethics Board candidates

The overhauled DeKalb County Board of Ethics will have to wait a little longer for its final member.

The county's state legislators delayed a vote on their appointee to the board Thursday so they can take more time to review candidates.

A nominating committee is accepting resumes and reviewing candidates before recommending a candidate Jan. 25. The committee’s members are Rep. Karla Drenner, D-Avondale Estates; Rep. Pam Stephenson, D-Decatur; Sen. Steve Henson, D-Tucker; and Sen. Gail Davenport, D-Jonesboro.

Voters approved restructuring the DeKalb Board of Ethics in November, removing the power to appoint board members from the DeKalb Commission and CEO.

Instead, the board is being selected by seven groups: DeKalb’s legislative delegation, the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, Leadership DeKalb, the DeKalb Bar Association, DeKalb Superior Court Judge Tangela Barrie, DeKalb Probate Court Judge Jeryl Rosh and local universities and colleges.

Six members of the Board of Ethics were chosen by the Dec. 31 deadline set in House Bill 597.