DeKalb House delegation moves forward on charter review bill

Members of the DeKalb County House delegation are ready to move forward on a bill that creates a Charter Review Commission to study the county’s unique CEO form of government.

The Senate approved the charter review bill last year, but the DeKalb House delegation never took the action needed to advance it in their chamber. Out of frustration, Rep. Meagan Hanson filed a bill this year that would have eliminated the job of elected CEO Mike Thurmond.

Hanson's bill, HB 961, was not approved on the House floor by a crucial deadline and is likely dead.

The chairman of the DeKalb House delegation assigned Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick and Rep. Doreen Carter to work on getting the nine signatures needed to advance the charter review bill, SB 246. County officials have requested minor changes that, if the House signs off, will send the bill back to the Senate for final approval.


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