Cobb revs up $1 million in new equipment ahead of Atlanta snow warning

Cobb County spent a million dollars on new snow removal equipment last year, and it could be put to the test this week.

A winter storm watch was issued Thursday for all of metro Atlanta, conjuring images of 'Snow Jam' AKA 'Snowmageddon' 2014, when thousands were stranded across the city.

Bill Shelton, the road maintenance division manager for Cobb’s Transportation Department, said Thursday that his team has already started pre-treating bridges with brine to prevent ice from forming.

“We should be complete with our bridges in four hours and then we will start treating police and fire stations,” Shelton said in the morning. “After that we will be working on our major arterial roads with steep grades.”

Shelton said the pre-treatment should last 48 hours, adding that his crews will be working through the night Friday to keep the roads clear.

Shelton said the county’s recent investments should “tremendously improve (the county’s) efficiency.” These investments include spreader trucks for brine, plow attachments, a street sweeper, and pickup trucks, as well as material sheds for salt placed at strategic locations around the county.

Shelton urged Cobb residents to follow the transportation department on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates. The county will also be updating with a list and timeline of all the roads that have been treated.

Drivers who wish to report non-emergency road trouble can use the yourgov app for smart phones or call the Transportation Department’s main number at 770-528-3666, Shelton said. Emergencies should be directed to 911.

“Always be cautious,” Shelton warned drivers. “You’ve got low spots, shady spots that may ice up quicker.”