Brunch bill: Gwinnett adds boozy referendum to November ballots

Gwinnett voters will get to decide if local restaurants should be able to serve alcohol a little bit earlier on Sundays.

Gwinnett's Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to add a referendum on the state's so-called "Brunch Bill" to November's general election ballots. Georgia restaurants currently cannot start selling alcoholic beverages until 12:30 p.m. on Sundays, but the new legislation lets voters decide if their local establishments should be able to start selling at 11 a.m.

Proponents for the change have touted it as a pro-business policy. Several other metro Atlanta counties and cities have also called for referendums to be held this fall.

Gwinnett’s Board of Commissioners would set an effective date for the new hours should voters approve them.

Gwinnett residents voted heavily in favor of the county’s last alcohol-related referendum. About two-thirds of voters supported the 2012 ballot item about allowing Sunday package sales.

The county is still weighing whether or not to add another high-profile referendum to November's ballots: one that would pave the way for a new one-cent sales tax and an unprecedented expansion of transit services, including heavy rail.

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