Alligator sighting at Lake McIntosh in Peachtree City

Just when you thought it was safe….

Fayette County 911 received a report earlier this week of a possible alligator sighting on Lake McIntosh. The witness reported seeing what he thought was a log floating in the lake. The object then “attacked a duck and slapped the water with its tail,” according to a press release from Fayette county officials. Fayette County Marshals were dispatched and evacuated the lake. The lake remained closed until Tuesday morning, when a more extensive search by the Marshal’s Office marine units and a representative of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) turned up no further sightings. Fayette County has been in contact with a state certified trapper who will do more searches of the lake. At this time, the lake has been reopened to boaters, but the Marshals Office request that all visitors remain alert and use an abundance of caution. Lake McIntosh is a 650-acre Fayette County reservoir located on TDK Boulevard in Peachtree City. As with all reservoirs in Fayette County, swimming is prohibited.

Alligator sightings have become more frequent in the metro area lately. It's the second time in three months that an alligator has been spotted in Peachtree City. An alligator dubbed Flat Creek Floyd was spotted in the city's Flat Creek. Last month, the state Department of Natural Resources captured a 6-foot-8 gator in the Chattahoochee River and sent him packing to South Carolina.