Latina-owned company starts first-time fellowship at Georgia Tech

An Atlanta-owned business has become the first Latina-owned business to create a fellowship at Georgia Tech, according to officials involved in the partnership.

Carlos Sanchez and Guiomar Obregon, president and CEO of the construction company Precision 2000, have agreed with Georgia Tech to create the Precision 2000 Inc. Fellowship Fund. It will benefit Colombian post-graduate students attending Tech’s School of Building Construction.

The fellowship is $40,000.

Preference will be given to qualified students who graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia or the Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria, with further preference for those who have internship experience in the U.S.

“Carlos and I are both civil engineers from Colombia, and it’s very satisfying to us to be able to help young engineers from our home country come to Georgia and study at a school like Georgia Tech,” said Obregon in a news release. “This Fund is especially important in our 20th anniversary, as we continue to pay it forward.”

Precision 2000 was founded in 1998. Sanchez and Obregon are also Georgia Tech alumni.