How Georgia students are taking summer school online

Atlanta Public Schools scrapped its plan to conduct summer school for high school students largely through computer-based lessons this year after district administrators realized that some students learned better from a live teacher.

In a last-minute change, APS switched to in-person instruction for the final week of classes.

But Atlanta isn’t the only metro school district to offer summer school via computer.

In Cobb County, students can take a "blended learning" program that combines online classes with direct teaching.

Students can click through lessons at home and at Wheeler High School, which is staffed with teachers from 8 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Cobb spokeswoman Jennifer Gates said. For students making up a full class, that means 60 hours of online instruction and 60 hours with a live teacher at Wheeler. For students making up half a credit, it’s 30 hours of each.

Fulton County offers face-to-face and online summer school classes.

Gwinnett County students attend summer school at in-person, traditional classes or remotely, through Gwinnett Online Campus.

For the online classes, all work is completed online—except for science and physical education classes—and students must log on Monday through Thursday, district spokesman Bernard Watson said. Students must take final exams in each course in person.