Georgia State University apologizes for grad school admissions notice mistake

Notice wrongly suggested they’d been admitted after initial denial letter

Georgia State University officials have spent the last few days apologizing to people who erroneously received notices suggesting they were accepted as grad school students.

The 1,330 applicants were not accepted into the program and initially received notices explaining they did not make the cut. However, a Georgia State employee earlier this week mistakenly sent notices to those applicants that made them believe they were accepted after all, with information about the next steps in the enrollment process.

Georgia State sent notices to those applicants explaining the error. Many were confused. Several were upset, airing their frustrations on social media.

“Georgia State is terribly sorry about this,” Lisa Armistead, the university’s associate provost for graduate programs, said in a telephone interview Thursday afternoon.

Armistead said officials are contacting the angry applicants to discuss options, advice and information about why they weren’t accepted. There were about 8,550 grad school applicants. Nearly 3,300 were accepted, Armistead said. The bulk of students who received the errant message applied to GSU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

The employee who made the mistake is being retrained and Georgia State is reviewing the system it uses to send notices to examine ways to avoid future errors.