In Georgia, more deciding to teach children at home

The percentage of students being home-schooled in Georgia shows growth at a faster rate than those taught in traditional schools.

Since the state Department of Education began reporting data in 2012, the number of Georgia students registered as home-school students is up just more than 2,000 to 59,831, 3.5 percent growth. Georgia’s public-school student population has grown 2.7 percent in the same timeframe.

About 2.2 million students are being home schooled across the country, according to Kate Whiting with Educents, a marketplace for educational products with a focus on home schooling. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, that is double the 1.1 million being home-schooled in 2003.

Home-schooling fans say it allows individualized teaching and more family time that results in well-rounded scholars and people.

Several studies indicate that home school students with structured curricula outperform public school students, but much of that research is sponsored by home school advocacy groups.