Atlanta schools to furlough 1,200 staffers in November

Atlanta Public Schools announced details of a furlough plan that will require about 1,200 employees to take two days off in November, but they’ll be paid back for the days a couple of months later.

District officials said the furloughs are necessary because of cash-flow problems caused by delays sending out Fulton County tax bills. Although a judge on Friday ordered the beginning of tax collection, it will take time for the district to receive that revenue, so it is implementing several short-term cost-saving measures.

Hourly employees, some part-time employees, and administrators are among those who will take days off without pay Nov. 20 and Nov. 21. The list of those affected includes the superintendent, deputy superintendent, accounting staff, custodians, and various directors.

Students are out of school for Thanksgiving break that entire week, and the central office will be closed.

The district plans to pay employees for the two furlough days on Jan. 15, after taxes have been collected. That’s when the district also will pay non-teaching employees a $500 payment it promised in lieu of a raise but has delayed because of cash-flow problems.

Classroom teachers are not affected. The district posted answers to frequently asked questions here.