Atlanta Public Schools authorizes up to $3 million more in safety spending

The Atlanta school board authorized millions more in spending for various safety and security contracts.

The board agreed last month to increase by up to $3 million the amount the superintendent is authorized to spend on contracts for closed circuit television and computer systems that control entry into buildings.

Back in 2016, the board had authorized up to $3 million in contracts for those services.

The $3 million increase, which was included in this year's Atlanta Public Schools budget, comes from the district's general fund and from a one-time state allotment of $30,000 per school intended to beef up school security. 

Safety upgrades at Atlanta Public Schools will include upgrading the district’s closed circuit television system to make the footage clearer and to add video storage capacity.

The district also will invest in computer technology that provides access to buildings for those with proper identification and authorization and maintains a record of who has entered the building.