Atlanta charter schools could get help with building schools

Atlanta charter schools are among those that will benefit from a new initiative by the Walton Family Foundation.

The foundation will put $250 million toward helping charter schools get low-interest loans to buy, build or expand new school facilities. Charter schools are responsible for finding their own buildings and often have trouble finding or constructing one.

The foundation’s efforts are focusing on high-need urban areas, and it hopes that it will give up to 250,000 more students in the U.S. a chance to enroll in charters schools by 2027.

“Before opening their doors, charter schools must find suitable and affordable spaces where teachers can teach and children can learn. In many cities, this is the biggest barrier to creating high-quality educational options for children and families,” said Marc Sternberg, the director of the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 Education Program. “The Building Equity Initiative intends to level the capital and policy barriers that prevent charter schools from growing to meet demand from families and communities.”