Labrador retriever tests positive for cocaine and weed

No word on if the dog had Cheeto stains on her paws
The dog was taken from Arlene Saiz when she couldn’t pay her $2,000 vets bill.
Staff members discovered the drugs after one year old Maddie was seen shaking, twitching, and having a hard time keeping her balance when she walked.

The Albuquerque Journal reports Maddie had a "strong positive cocaine" test for cocaine and there were traces of marijuana traces found in urine tests.

Saiz, who signed the pooch over to the Animal Welfare Department, says she regrets the decision and is now suing to get Maddie back.

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Cops say they have investigated and didn’t find drugs so they can’t file charges.
For her part Saiz maintains she has no idea how Maddie would have ingested or been exposed to the drugs.

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