Judge rules woman can be forced to have c-section

Police are authorized to break down the door
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The woman, only identified as DD, has a fear of hospitals, and refused to go there for delivery.

And it wasn’t the first time.

She was a five-time mother, but all of her children have been taken away at a young age for their own protection.

The Telegraph reports the woman's partner delivered her third child with a pair of barbecue tongs.

Evidence was provided to the court that says DD has an autistic spectrum disorder as well as learning difficulties.

Other testimony says DD had seizures, hemorrhaging, and even a stroke during childbirth in the past.

Despite concerns over “deprivation of liberty” in the ruling, the judge decided DD did not have the mental ability to make decisions on her own.

“While giving due weight to her wishes and her fundamental rights, and those of her partner, I have nonetheless come to the clear conclusion that it would be in her best interests that she should be delivered of her baby by caesarean section,” he wrote.

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