Jamal Bryant says he won’t appear on ‘Real Housewives’ again after infidelity accusations

Accusations were hurled at Georgia pastor during recent ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ reunion

Who is New Birth pastor Jamal Bryant?

Jamal Bryant, pastor of metro Atlanta church New Birth Missionary Baptist, made it clear in a video Wednesday that he will not apologize despite the growing commentary around his relationship with ex-wife Gizelle Bryant.

The Georgia pastor posted a stern-spoken, 21-minute video online Wednesday in response to accusations made by Monique Samuels during Sunday’s Season 5 “Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion show. Bryant, Gizelle Bryant and their children have appeared on the Bravo show for the last five seasons. After getting backlash on social media regarding Samuels’ name calling, referring to the megachurch pastor as a “holy whore,” Bryant expressed he had to respond.

“Tonight is not an apology. Tonight, I’m not asking for anybody’s forgiveness,” he said in the video. “Tonight is not about a confession. Tonight is for clarity.”

Baltimore pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant has been named the new senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. HANDOUT

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Gizelle, who stars on the show based in Maryland, had alluded to her and Bryant reuniting after being divorced for 11 years. For the last five seasons, the television personality has chronicled her co-parenting relationship with Bryant on the show. Recently, her castmates have dimissed her claims that she and her ex-husband have reunited.

“Jamal and I have been through a lot,” Gizelle said in response to a question by castmate Karen Huger about their relationship. “There’s a lot that people say. We understand it.”

The teenage daughters of Jamal and Gizelle Bryant are the apparent new owners of Arizona’s Steakhouse in Stonecrest. (AJC file photo)

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Samuels quickly pulled out a binder of what she called “receipts” that she said proved Bryant was having an affair with another woman who lives in New York. Samuels said the woman was told the reunion was just for the purpose of entertainment for the reality television program.

Bryant said he has remained quiet about the show, which he disagreed with his ex-wife doing, but the accusations had changed that. Because of “mounting moments” on social media, he said he needed to make a statement. He also confirmed he would no longer make appearances on the Bravo show.

He said he has never met Samuels nor “shook her hand,” and that her comments were invalid.

“She’s assassinated my character on national, international television,” he said in the video. “You’ve labeled me a holy whore. I need to give some address to that ...”

“I’m not sleeping with any woman in my church, and I have no babies in my church and I have no inappropriate relationships with any woman in my church.”

He said the woman he formerly dated in New York shared details about their relationship with Samuels as retaliation. Bryant did not directly deny or confirm that he was with Gizelle Bryant, but did note he has been divorced for 11 years.

“You can’t have a mistress if you’re single,” he added while explaining his relationship status.

His explanation was generally not well received, with many noting that the religious leader should not have given credence to the reality television flap.

The entire video of Jamal Bryant’s statement has been posted on Facebook.