Giant nest of wasps crashes through home’s ceiling

Mom and toddler son were at home

It all began with a ticking sound.

While it wasn’t a bomb, the source of the sound did cause serious damage.

It also is bound to give one mother and son from England nightmares for years to come.

The Daily Mail reports that Emma Thickbroom, 22, was in the living room of her home in Wolverhampton with her 2-year-old son, Cody. The ticking sound that she had heard the weekend before grew louder, and then there was a sudden cracking noise.

Part of the ceiling collapsed as thousands of wasps filled the room.

Thickbroom quickly grabbed her son and both escaped unharmed.

While Thickbroom thought the ticking sound was a water leak, it turned out to be a massive wasp nest. After fumigating, pest control officers removed a bag full of the dead insects. Photos taken at the scene show the dead insects covering the floor, toys and window sills.

Thickbroom and her son are staying with her parents until housing officials are able to repair her unit.