Georgia correctional officers accused of smuggling drugs in a Hot Pocket

Authorities found drugs and tobacco inside a single Hot Pocket

Two Georgia correctional officers were arrested Monday after being accused of smuggling tobacco and drugs inside a popular frozen snack.

Investigators believe Calhoun State Prison correctional officers Corlethia Lattimore, 28, and Imani Ferguson, 21, stuffed methamphetamine and tobacco inside a Hot Pocket in order to get the drugs inside the prison, police told the WALB 10 news station. Authorities discovered, by way of a metal detector, about 112 grams of meth inside a single Hot Pocket.

Lattimore, who lives in Edison, Georgia, was charged with drug trafficking and violation of oath of office. She remains in the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office jail.

Ferguson of Albany, Georgia, was charged with conspiracy, giving illegal substances to inmates and violation of oath of office. She has been released on a $15,000 bond.

According to Calhoun County Sheriff Josh Hilton, almost a dozen prison employees at the prison in Morgan, Georgia, have been arrested for drug smuggling in the last year.