Election 2020: Clyde, Gurtler qualify for GOP runoff in 9th Congressional District

Andrew Clyde, left and Matt Gurtler, right

Andrew Clyde, left and Matt Gurtler, right

State Rep. Matt Gurtler and Andrew Clyde, the owner of a firearms business, made it to the Republican runoff for Georgia’s 9th Congressional District. There is also a Democratic runoff between army veteran Devin Pandy and small business owner Brooke Siskin.

The district is considered a Republican stronghold, meaning who ever wins the GOP runoff will be heavily favorited in the general election. The seat was left open this year after U.S.  Rep. Doug Collins announced that he will challenge U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler for her seat instead of seeking re-election.

During his two terms in the Georgia General Assembly, Gurtler gained recognition for voting “no” more than any other representative. His campaign believes his conservative track record helped him appeal to voters in the northeast Georgia district.

“He’s an honest person who stands for the principles that Republicans say they do, but he actually follows through,” Banks Wise, Gurtler’s campaign manager said.

In contrast, Clyde has never run for political office.

He owns a gun store in Athens and said on twitter that he is the choice for voters who don’t want a career politician.

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Clyde was involved in a legal battle with the IRS in 2013. Legislation bearing his name was introduced to prohibit the IRS from seizing money from businesses. It was absorbed into a larger tax legislation package and passed. Clyde cited his experience with the IRS as the catalyst for his decision to run for office.

Army veteran Devin Pandy and business owner Brooke Siskin advanced to the Democratic run-off.

Pandy lives in Commerce, and was deployed with the U.S. Army in Panama, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan until 2017.

Siskin has lived in Gwinnett County for 27 years, and has run for state legislature before.

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