FBI seeking public’s help to identify rioters who sieged Capitol

Some rioters have been identified or have identified themselves online

The FBI is seeking tips and leads on the identities of the hundreds of individuals involved in instigating violence Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol.

Thursday morning, the agency called on the public to offer tips and digital media that would show the violence that occurred during the rioting at the Capitol and around Washington, D.C. Those who witnessed unlawful violent action during the uproar Wednesday are asked to fill out an online form with information, photos or videos with relevant insight to fbi.gov/USCapitol.

As a result of the insurrection conjured by statements made by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, a woman who rushed the Capitol, Ashli Babbitt, was killed by police and three others died due to medical emergencies Wednesday. Several officers and others were injured, while about 50 people were arrested.

An unknown number of protesters charged the legislative chambers after a rally held by Trump, where he purported that the votes were stolen in the presidential election. As Congress attempted to certify the Electoral College votes Wednesday afternoon, a pro-Trump mob took siege of the Capitol, ransacked several offices and attacked police officers attempting to guard the building. Lawmakers were able to later take the electoral tally Wednesday night, which confirmed Biden’s win, with a tally of 306-232.

Many rioters were removed from the property and, according to reports, most were not residents of the D.C. area. Online, one of those rioters identified herself as Elizabeth from Knoxville. Twitter users outraged by the chaos and threat to democracy the rioters posed called for the FBI to find the woman and arrest her and other rioters.

Video of the woman has gone viral on social with millions watching a short interview clip of her complaining about police using pepper spray on her as she entered the building. She referred to the storming of the Capitol, which caused several Congress members, media and staff to shelter-in-place, as a “revolution.”

To share any information related to the riots Wednesday, visit. tips.fbi.gov.