Family says man shot after they called 911 for ambulance

Jack Lamar Roberson’s family says they called 911 for an ambulance — he was having issues with his diabetes. But instead of EMTs, officers arrived — and shot him to death.

"They just came in and shot him. He didn't say nothin', the police didn't say nothin', anything! It was like a silent movie. … All you heard was the gunshots go off." (Via WTLV)

That was Alicia Heron, Roberson’s fiance. She told reporters 43-year-old Roberson came out with his hands up and police shot him multiple times in the chest. But Roberson’s family and the Waycross, Georgia police are telling two very different stories.

Police say they responded to a call about an attempted suicide, and en route, were told the man had become combative. They say when they arrived, Roberson came at them. (Via WJXT)

"He started towards them aggressively with two items used as weapons. The officers started retreating and yelled repeatedly for Mr. Roberson to stop and drop the weapons." (Via WTEV)

What kind of weapons those allegedly were, police haven't said. (Via NewsOne)

Either way, Roberson’s family members say that, devastatingly, they saw the whole thing. He was a military veteran and is survived by his mother, sisters, fiance and at least one daughter. Right now the officers involved are on paid administrative leave as the Georgia Bureau of Investigations looks into what happened.

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