Electrical problem will keep Nunn federal building closed all week

An electrical problem that shut down the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center on Forsyth Street downtown Monday will keep the building closed the rest of the week, a spokeswoman for the General Services Administration said Tuesday.

The electrical problem is in a “buss duct” that serves as a conduit to the building’s electrical system, according to Saudia Muwwakkil, regional public relations officer for the GSA.

“Therefore, the chiller plant and a large portion of the building’s electrical grid were rendered inoperable,” she said.

“GSA has embarked in a two-part recovery that involves repairing the damaged buss duct and restoring power to critical areas,” Muwwakkil told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an email. “Further evaluation is needed to determine the cause of the malfunction.”

Muwwakkil said that while crews are “working aggressively to restore operations,” the Nunn Center, which houses nearly 5,000 employees working for 21 federal agencies, will remain closed through Friday.