Dr. Anthony Fauci denies being 'muzzled' by Trump administration

Dr. Anthony Fauci Denies Being, ‘Muzzled’, by Trump Administration.Newly public emailsreveal that Dr. Anthony Faucihad little patience for claims thatTrump was restricting him fromtalking about COVID-19.Within 3,200 pages of emails between January and June 2020, Fauci was asked if he’d “been muzzled” by the former president.Fauci’s relationship withTrump was a constant sourceof speculation throughoutthe COVID-19 pandemic.Among those who questioned if Fauci was being censored was Thomas Murray, a nuclear/aerospace engineer.The news media is reporting that theWhite House has muzzled you. Is thattrue? … let me know if I should staysilent or become noisy, Thomas Murray, via New York Post.Fauci adamantly responded to Murraythat he had “not been muzzled.” .Please stay silent since I have notbeen muzzled. I will be on multipleTV shows tomorrow and was on FOXthis AM. No one is censoring me, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via New York Post.When asked a similar question by Mark Jay Shlomchik,Fauci affirmed that he always says “exactly what[he wants] to say based on scientific evidence.” .I say exactly what I want to say based onscientific evidence ... I could not possiblybe more public about this. No censor.No muzzle. Free to speak out, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via New York Post