Douglas County shooter described as 'mysterious' man

The ex-husband of a Douglas County woman came to her home Saturday afternoon and shot six people, killing four of them, before fatally wounding himself.

Neighbors say those killed included two children, the woman and a man who was in the house at the time. Two other children were wounded and taken to the hospital in critical condition before the man shot himself.

Neighbors say the couple was divorced and the shooter was the father of all four children. Sheriff’s officials have not released more specific information on the relationships or the identities of the people.

The 911 call from neighbors came around 3 p.m. By the time the police arrived to the Willow Tree Circle address neighbors were already outside tending to the victims until the paramedics showed up.

“I’ve been in law enforcement in Douglas County for 20 years and this is the worst I’ve ever seen.” Lt. Glenn Daniel, the spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“It being a Saturday afternoon, there were people outside who heard the shots and they came down and tended to the victims until the paramedics arrived,” Daniel said. “It is domestic related.”

Subdivision resident Angela Ansah said her husband, Andrew, came home Saturday to see his neighbors lying in the street. “I saw the bodies in the street. It was the mother, the daughter and the dad.” Andrew Ansah said.

Angela Ansah described the shooter as “a mysterious” man, who would drive through the neighborhood and stop his car on the street to talk to his children playing in the yard. Andrew Ansah said a neighbor tried to intervene when the dad chased the mother and daughter outside but could not stop him from shooting the two.

“(They) ran out of the house and he ran after them” Andrew said, reporting what his neighbor told him.

Added his wife: “It is a quiet neighborhood, at least until today.”

David Gibson contributed to this report.