Dog Owners Are at a Higher Risk of Contracting COVID-19, Study Says

Dog Owners Are at a Higher Risk of Contracting COVID-19, Study Says. Researchers from the University of Granada in Spain have found a link between dog owners and COVID-19. . Their findings were published in the journal ‘Environmental Research.’. 2,086 people were surveyed about their daily pandemic habits. According to the responses, people who walk their dogs are 78 percent more likely to catch COVID-19. . On the other hand, owning cats or other types of pets didn’t appear to create a higher risk factor for contracting COVID-19. . These results point to living with dogs as a strong risk factor for COVID-19 infection, Study Researchers, via 'New York Post'. The report notes that even though their findings indicate a “higher contagion among dog owners,” there is no conclusive evidence proving it is a result of dog-to-human transmission. . Instead, the researchers believe dogs are likely spreading the virus by transporting germs from contaminated surfaces. Preventive hygiene measures are the only salvation, and these measures should also be applied to dogs, which, according to our study, appear to directly or indirectly increase the risk of contracting the virus, Study co-author Cristina Sanchez Gonzalez, via 'New York Post'