DeKalb commissioner returns to work after dispute with boyfriend

A DeKalb County commissioner involved in a dispute last week with her long-time boyfriend was back at work this week.

Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton sported a medical boot for a broken toe during county meetings Tuesday but declined to discuss the incident at Warren Mosby’s home on Feb. 11 that led to the injury.

According to DeKalb Police reports, Sutton had gone to Mosby’s Habersham Drive house near Decatur around 11 a.m. for help with storm preparations but saw a car belonging to another woman in the driveway.

In a police report listing Mosby as the victim, Sutton is reported to have tried to force her way into his home and hit him in the chest and threw off his glasses in a struggle.

According to a separate police report, listing Sutton as the victim, the pair argued before Mosby is reported to have thrown Sutton to the ground several times, at one point keeping her down with a knee to the chest.

Both Mosby and Sutton complained of minor injuries at the scene but were not transported for medical care.

Police - including a major, captain and lieutenant who responded - did not make any arrests.

According to the two police reports, potential charges against Sutton could be simple battery and trespassing. Charges against Mosby could be simple battery and simple assault.

Neither Sutton or Mosby have pursued charges with a judge, which would be required for misdemeanor warrants to be issued.

Officers from the department’s domestic violence unit also responded to the scene, according to police reports. However, the incident is not considered a domestic dispute, despite what the police reports term a seven-year romantic relationship, because Sutton and Mosby do not live together.

Sutton declined comment Tuesday after chairing the commission’s budget committee, but told police she does not plan to press charges, according to the police reports.

A statement from her attorney confirmed the incident, saying she “suffered physical and emotional injuries including a broken bone.”

Mosby, who served as Sutton’s campaign manager and is the brother of DeKalb ‘s state house delegation head, state rep. Howard Mosby, D-Atlanta, did not return phone calls seeking comment.