Deer crashes through Texas woman’s windshield


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Deer crashes through Texas woman’s windshield

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
It is rutting season for deer in Texas.

A Texas woman had a scary brush with nature after a deer crashed through her windshield, KLTV reported.

Alice Hunt was driving to work Thursday morning near KIlgore when she spotted the deer near an intersection. She slowed down but was surprised when the animal charged the car.

"It started like it was going to cross the road ... then it took off and ran toward the car. And the next thing I know it was in the car,” Hunt told KLTV. “I think it broke its neck. It bent the frame of the car.”

Fm 2276. Holy cow. Jumped in the car with this lady. Thank you Jesus she’s okay.

Posted by Shannon Elizabeth Baton on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The deer hit the passenger’s window and died upon impact, police said.

It was a frightening case of deja vu for Hunt. She told KLTV that her husband’s uncle was killed several years ago when he hit a deer and the animal crashed through the windshield, kicking the driver and breaking his neck.

“So that's all I could think about, ‘I gotta get out of here,’” she told KLTV.

Hunt was not hurt, but she said she was shaken up, KLTV reported.

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