Escaped Connecticut inmate captured at his own birthday party in McDonough

A Connecticut inmate who escaped nearly two months ago was arrested Saturday as his family was hosting his birthday party in Georgia, according to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.

Forenza Rakeem Murphy, 31, was serving time on a robbery charge at a Connecticut Department of Corrections halfway house in Bridgeport when he left without permission Aug. 8, police said.

Saturday afternoon, Henry deputies learned Murphy was at a family member’s house in McDonough, the sheriff’s office said. He was arrested at 4:15 p.m. as relatives were setting up for the birthday party.

“If you make your way into Henry County, we’re going to get on your trail and we won’t stop until you’re caught,” Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett said in an emailed statement. “It was a great collaborative effort with the Connecticut DOC that led to the apprehension of Murphy.”

According to the Connecticut DOC, Murphy’s birthday was Sept. 24. In October 2019, he was sentenced to four years for violating his parole, the DOC’s website states. Murphy previously spent four years behind bars following a conviction for robbery, records show.

Murphy was being held late Saturday at the Henry jail.