Cops: Body of unidentified woman found in East Point neighborhood

East Point police found a body in the 2200 block of Ben Hill Road on the side of a vacant house.

Credit: File photo

Credit: File photo

East Point police found a body in the 2200 block of Ben Hill Road on the side of a vacant house.

A woman’s body was discovered in an East Point neighborhood Saturday just after midnight, officials confirmed Monday.

East Point police were called to investigate after a person was spotted lying in the 2200 block of Ben Hill Road around 12:20 a.m., according to a news release. They found the woman on the west side of a vacant house, and she was later pronounced dead.

The woman has not been identified, police said. It’s not clear what age she was.

Investigators have not released any other details or said if they suspect foul play.

Frustrations over crime and safety have been growing among East Point residents since at least last year, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported previously. Residents flocked to voice their concerns at a police town hall meeting in December.

Violence has become so commonplace, they said, that it’s become a joke among residents to wonder if what they heard was gunshots or fireworks, and waking up to shattered car windows was just another morning. Residents claimed the lack of police presence in the area has been making the city an attractive destination for criminals.

Several residents shared frustration over police not responding to reports of shots fired. One resident said she did not hear sirens coming to her home after she called 911 to report that a car got “shot up” in front of her house.

At the time, new police Chief Shawn Buchanan assured residents that he had heard their concerns and was actively working to make sure communities are safer. He told residents that every officer on the force, including himself, was patrolling the city.

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